Beating Up Your Patients Perio Disease

June 15, 2021

Location: WEBINAR

Course Description:
Doctors and Hygienists can learn together about an evidence-based approach to eliminating and controlling Periodontal Disease. This presentation will discuss a scientifically sound approach for effective control of all levels of periodontal disease using the non-surgical approach with scaling and root planning or minimally invasive surgical intervention for more advanced disease. Both indications will be explained and published literature will be explained.
The presentation shows how adding chemotherapeutic methods that specifically target the periodontal bacteria will allow for successful management of everything from very advanced cases that might otherwise have been treated only with extraction, to more mildly infected cases that might traditionally be treated with
non-surgical methods. In doing so, results will be improved over the classic surgical or SCRP methods, as those approaches may not kill all bacteria at the diseased sites. These innovative methods will be explained by outlining both in-office procedures as well as specific, and simplified, anti-microbial procedures for the patient to do at home. By simplifying home protocols, the chance for increased compliance is improved and the chance for predictable clinical results is enhanced. Treatment will be illustrated with step-by-step instructions, clinical photos, and radiographs, including clinical applications in dogs that also show excellent results. Cases will be shown and literature quoted to
validate the procedures.Learning Objectives:
1. See why Periodontal Surgery or SCRP may fail.
2. Learn to improve patient’s oral hygiene without nagging about brushing or flossing
3. Learn to manage failed and failing cases.
4. Improve diagnostic decisions
5. Learn the role of patient care at home as an integral part of treatment
6. See simplified oral hygiene methods that may be easier for patients to adapt

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TARGET AUDIENCE: Doctors and Hygienists
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