Meet Your Leaders

Photo of Dr. Andrew Martin, President
Dr. Andrew Martin
Photo of Dr. Naresh Kalra, Vice President
Dr. Naresh Kalra
Vice President
Photo of Dr. Harvey Gordon, Treasurer & AGD Region 20 Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Harvey Gordon
Treasurer & AGD Region 20 Secretary/Treasurer
Photo of Dr. Ray Morse, Secretary
Dr. Ray Morse
Photo of Dr. Randall Weisel, Editor
Dr. Randall Weisel
Photo of Dr. Matthew Scarpitti, Director of Continuing Education
Dr. Matthew Scarpitti
Director of Continuing Education
Photo of Dr. John Gammichia, Public Information Officer
Dr. John Gammichia
Public Information Officer
Photo of Dr. Melvin Kessler, Legislative Chair
Dr. Melvin Kessler
Legislative Chair
Photo of Dr. Toni-Anne Gordon, Membership Chair
Dr. Toni-Anne Gordon
Membership Chair
Photo of Dr. Bipin Sheth, PACE Chair
Dr. Bipin Sheth
PACE Chair
Photo of Patricia Jenkins, Executive Director
Patricia Jenkins
Executive Director
Photo of Dr. Linda Trotter, Region 20 Director
Dr. Linda Trotter
Region 20 Director
Photo of Dr. Merlin Ohmer, Region 20 Trustee
Dr. Merlin Ohmer
Region 20 Trustee